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Celebrating Gratitude  |  May 9-15. 2021


To encourage businesses, citizens, and community groups to come together and thank everyone on the Outer Banks who is helping us get through the COVID pandemic. We are a GRATEFUL COMMUNITY and encourage Outer Banks citizens and businesses to show and visibly express their gratitude for anyone who helped keep us all safe, fed, clothed, gas in cars, power, and so on.


Leave the community with a positive feeling that people of the Outer Banks sincerely appreciate everyone who is helping us get through the pandemic.


Week of May 9 through 15 , 2021(Mon through Sat)

Ideas Businesses Do to Show Gratitude:

Businesses are encouraged to show thanks to their employees, customers, and clients in unique and special ways that may be public or private. The goal is to say, “Thank You” and “You are Appreciated!” for helping our business and the Outer Banks community to get through the pandemic.

Some ideas:

  • Use Week of Thanks color (Dark Pink ) in advertising that week and at their places of business
  • Put “Thanks, Outer Banks!” on their outside signage.
  • Thanking their employees, customers and clients and sending gratitude to others with cards, notes, goodies:
    • Break rooms for front line workers
    • Retailers, utilities, hotels, restaurants
    • EMS, Police, and Fire Stations
    • Health Department
    • Water Plants
    • Doctors’ Offices and Urgent Care facilities
    • Pharmacies
    • Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx
  • Encourage employees to hand out Thank You cards – they don’t have to be fancy – but hand them out to anyone that helped them thru COVID, such as bank tellers, grocery store workers, pharmacy cashiers, waitresses, waiters, bartenders, musicians, plumbers, electricians, postal employees and so on and so forth!