Putt Putt for Polio

Putt Putt for Polio is a fun, family way to fight polio at home and around the world. Held each May, Putt Putt for Polio includes a round of golf at Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf and Professor Hacker’s then gives all of the proceeds to Rotary to fight polio!

Many younger people now don’t recall the ever-present fear of contracting polio. Widespread use of the anti-polio vaccine came into being during the 1950’s and has made polio much more unlikely to inflict young people today. However, polio still exists in several countries where vaccines are not as accepted…and polio could spread back home from these places unless efforts continue to vaccinate worldwide.

We hope you will watch for the Spring 2020 Putt Putt for Polio announcement then come out and take a swing against polio!

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