Officers, Directors & Committees 2019 – 2020

Help First Flight Rotary and help yourself! Being active on committees strengthens the Club, supports our community, and introduces you to new and interesting people. Try serving on a committee different from your normal work life. … Broaden yourself while helping the community.

Membership Committee
Chairman – Stan Keeler (630-803-6818)
Support Club members and the recruitment of new members. Assign weekly meeting greeters.

Oink & Oyster Roast
Chairman – Jay Taylor (252-715-1407)
Vice Chairman: Stan Keeler, Rob Nichols
With the help of ALL Club members, plan and prepare the annual Oink & Oyster Roast.

Service Project Committee
The Service Project Committee consists of the following Committee representatives. The Committee works together to suggest, coordinate, and promote service of the Club.

CART (Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust)
Chairman – Need Volunteer!
Put out the CART change cups each meeting, deliver CART receipts to the Treasurer, and periodically update the Club on the role and progress of CART

Club Service
Chairman – Melanie Smith (252-441-5418)
Assign weekly programs scheduling to members and suggestions for programs; promoting fellowship among members.

Community Service
Chairman – Jonathan Wark (252-473-2372)
Improving the quality of life in the community. Assistance to youth, the aged, the disabled and others who look to Rotary as a source of hope and a better life.

International Committee
Chairman – Don Milbrath (252-441-2108)
Support Rotary international projects that advance understanding, goodwill and peace. Also Rotary supports humanitarian needs in the developing world and to support disaster relief and recovery efforts.

Rotary Foundation
Chairman – David Warner (252-261-1040)
Encourage Club giving to the Rotary Foundation. Report to the Club on the Rotary Foundation.

Chairman – David Warner (252-261-1040)
Promote Club projects related to areas of career planning, vocational training and the promotion of high ethical standards in the workplace.

Food Bank
Chairman George Wojik (252-441-4551)

Public Relations
Co-Chairs – Melanie Smith (252-441-5418) and Carl Classen (252-489-9198)
Produce Club newsletter; maintain the web site; take photos and distribute photos/information to media.

Board Minutes

Club Leadership

 Denny, Dianne
 Polk, John C.
 Classen, Carl
 Howell-Clark, Lori
Board Member
 Huitt, Cora T.
Board Member
 Calhoun, Richard F.
Rotary Foundation Chair
 Keeler, Stanley R.
Membership Chair
 Lowman, Kearns
iPast President
 Taylor, Danny Jay
Past President
 Smith, Melanie A.
Assistant District Governor